Reading for Self: A Friend Visits

March 8, 2007 § Leave a comment

Deck: Llewellyn Tarot
Date: 03/08/07 Thursday (waning moon in Scorpio)
Time: ended 12:10 am
Spread: (question-based, no set spread … but this time I seemed to be drawn to putting cards in order from right to left, I just went with it, not sure why though)
Querent: Self
Background: A friend of my boyfriend (O) is visiting soon and I wanted to get some feedback on how to approach him, as I’ve never met him and I don’t know too much about him, but I will be spending a good deal of time socializing with him.

What is the one thing I need to know about O?
11-Justice-Lady of the Fountain
He is fair in how he views the world and others, quiet and nonjudgmental, able to see past insignificant details in people to see what’s really there. I’m especially drawn to the darkness that the figure seems to be walking out of, perhaps indicating some difficult times this person has recently been through. Due to the giant tree in the background, I think he is measured, patient, and has a strong sense of self, also complex and multi-faceted.

After looking at the book at the story behind this character, the Lady in myth is measuring the worth of a man Owaine, and finds him a sincere friend and also good to women. I wonder if this card is pointing me towards the description of Owaine to show what O is like, or perhaps the description of this myth is similar to what I’m doing now: measuring a man and determining he is a worthy friend.

What should I talk about with him? (3 cards)
Queen of Wands — 5 of Swords — 13-Death-Arawn
This is really surprising, the second and third cards both seem grim and serious. The first, QW, indicates talking about career and work in a sense of completion and how we feel about that/ The sunflower to me indicates a bright success in the future, and the calm warmth that such a success will bring (due to the woman’s demeanor). Also there is a sense of maturity in considering careers and accomplishments. Maybe talking about theses, what we want after that?

With 5S, this came up in my reading about today, and since it indicated my Div III today I think this could be saying I should talk about my Div III with O. However, it could also be some sorrow or loss from his end, him picking up the pieces from recent challenges, though I’m wary of approaching that topic and I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for me to discuss these things.

Death/Arawn seems odd. Are we supposed to talk about complete and total changes in our lives? All that comes to mind is the previously mentioned challenges, or perhaps my change from academic to work — or maybe B’s search for what he wants to do career-wise? This last one seems most likely. I think this card represents what B is going through: death of his old ideas/plans but no direct indication of what new think will take its place.

From these cards, I would say meaningful conversation about life choices and changes is best, and trivial conversation is not the best idea.

What will be my greatest challenge while being with O?
8 of Wands
Looking at so many stags of similar age on one hill, and also the two rows of wands facing each other, I would say that there may be some competition of will and power, not something angsty, but rather subtle. I think this points to me not being B’s center of attention while his friend is around, and perhaps there will be some subtle misunderstandings or communication problems between O and I that could become a little annoying, or maybe B will also be involved in communication problems. The best thing for me to do is just not take it too seriously, be calm and non-aggressive like these stags together.

What will be my greatest asset during O’s visit?
Page of Swords
Calm and pensive approach, surveying and watching quietly, being attentive, seeing truth through this manner. (I would have expected my hosting charm, so this answer is unexpected.) After looking at the book afterwards, the card meaning points more towards deception and wariness of deception. I think that this combined with the previous card, I should be calm and patient, with a subtle warning that I may see things worth being wary about even if they are not actually there — hard to tell in the surrounding gray mist surrounding this card. I want to say that there is nothing to jump to wary conclusions about, but that’s from me and not the cards. Also there is a bit of betrayal implied in the very first card.

I really think this whole spread might be pointing to me not liking that B will not be paying as much attention to me, and it might hurt, but it’s unclear whether this hurt will be caused by my deductions and analysis or by actual events. I can easily see that I will have a problem with insecurity, but it’s unclear in this spread whether there will be reason for my insecurity or whether it’s just the way I’ll be handling things. In the meantime, talk about career, academics, life plans, etc — but now that I see the whole spread, I think discussing relationships is definitely out, though outlooks on life due to this may still be relevant.

EDIT/Update: A Day Later
I want to add to the above summary: I think the main thing to take from this reading is that I should be aware of my own role, as indicated by the Lady of the Fountain/Justice: I am measuring a man to see his worth, not for my own friendship but for his with B, even though I do trust B that he is a good friend and I expect him to be. The rest is also important, but already stated above.

Also, an odd addition: today B informed me that his friend’s baby died. I thought it was odd right after having chosen the death card — perhaps this, too, will be part of conversation? I wonder how much death actually does or can point to literal death, which is why I mention it.

EDIT/Update: Thurs, March 15
So I saw Polt for what will likely be the last time tonight. He and B both leave tomorrow, and I have class so I can’t see them off. My impressions of this reading:

The Justice card interpretation was right on.

The “What we should talk about” three cards were shaky on interpretation. I’m not sure where the death comes in, even now. I have seen no major change yet, and at this point I can only assume it pointed to the death of the baby as previously mentioned, though that was not a conversation topic. I am especially perplexed because this seemed like such a strong presence, and yet I still don’t see it. 5S was correct, we did talk about theses. QW was a little off, I was listening to the Tarot Connection a day or two after this reading and found out that this card really represents being lively and especially fun at social gatherings. Perhaps this was talking about our dinner party on Monday, or hanging out in general.

The discussion about possibly being jealous for B’s attention was also right on, though being able to remind myself logically about this (and that it didn’t mean I was any less loved by B) certainly helped — so the PS really was helpful, as I assume it was pointing to working through this logically.


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