Relationship Spread: Me and boyfriend

March 8, 2007 § Leave a comment

Deck: Llewellyn Tarot
Date: 03/08/07 Thursday (waning moon in Scorpio)
Time: ended 11:10pm
Spread: 5-card relationship spread
Querent: Self


Cards Given:
1. 5 of Wands
2. 4 of Swords RV
3. 3 of Cups
4. The Sun
5. 4 of Pentacles RV

First we have me and B. Here we see me (5W) grappling with too many aspects of my life, mainly centered around my ambitions and career, and this is certainly true. Then we have B (4S-RV) being in an unsettled resting stage, and also dealing with the mind and intellect — basically he’s concerned about being at a standstill, and not even being able to think about what he wants to do. Also, he’s not very challenged intellectually currently, so his mind, though very intelligent and though he’d do well in a number of academic pursuits, is at rest for the time being.

Our past (3C) is shown as this celebration, I think representing that we’ve gone through a year together, but emphasizing less of the passion in our relationship and more of the friendship and celebration that we have worked things out. The Sun right now represents how our relationship is pretty ideal, positively glowing with positive energy, despite challenges in our individual lives and selves right now. This is definitely a source of energy and sustenance in a time when we both need it. The near future (4P-RV) is concerning, though. Typically I would see this card as miserliness about money or the opposite, spending too much and letting financial security slip through your fingers. So this is a warning about this summer and combining finances, and how that will affect our relationship.

Pretty accurate, though the future is a bit concerning and I’m not sure if it’s quite the right impression from the card. I’m also a little unsure about 3C, not sure if it’s supposed to point to a specific celebration or event or if that was another card.

After looking at the book …
5W, the Sun were both right on.

4S-RV is in the right direction, but the book also points out “exile and depression, abandonment”, which really defines how B’s life has been lately.

3C also points out shared happiness, support, encouragement, goodwill and humor, etc. Once again, the book shows it as more relevant than what I was getting at.

4P-RV points to something a bit different: fretting over small details, overwork, and worry. Perhaps this points to us planning for the summer, and that we shouldn’t let it get in the way of our relationship and become to worrisome over things?


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