Relationship Spread: Me and My Dad

March 8, 2007 § Leave a comment

Deck: Llewellyn Tarot
Date: 03/08/07 Thursday (waning moon in Scorpio)
Time: ended 11:28pm
Spread: 5-card relationship spread
Querent: Self


Cards Given:
1. Knight of Wands
2. 2 of Wands RV
3. 5 of Wands
4. 21-The Universe (aka The World) RV
5. 10-Wheel of Fortune-Arianrhod

(Note: I just did the same spread for me and B, so I will refer a bit to that as well.)
Once again, me in this relationship is spot on, I’m charging ahead with my ambitions and career plans (Knight of Wands). Note how it’s different than the 5W representing me previously. B knows and sees me fighting and grappling with my Div III and such, but my dad just sees me as charging along. My dad on the other hand (2W-RV) is looking at some plans that are not turning out like he wants them to, perhaps that’s career and it’s affecting him within our relationship, or perhaps life itself (and our relationship in it) isn’t working out like he wants. But the outcome isn’t set in stone yet …

In the past there was fighting (5W), quarrels and tension. Right now, however, there’s a feeling of a disconnect (Universe-RV). I think that we both want this connection between us that will be, not satisfying, but a connection deeper than just a friendship, but right now that’s not the case. In the future there seems to be a good chance for us to have a more positive relationship, one that compliments us going through our different parts of the cycle of life, but that we will find satisfaction in.

My dad and I both are looking at our own ambitions — coincidentally the two cards’ characters are both facing away from each other in this spread — and we also don’t have the best relationship behind us to root us together. This is contributing to a current disconnect. In the future, however, there is promise for more connection between us that will benefit us in our life’s journeys.

After Reading the Book …
The Universe adds “lack of nourishment and support”, also that there is a lack of spirituality and centeredness.

5 of Wands adds: “inconsistent effort … clash of ideas and principles … hurting others by giving mixed messages.”

2 of Wands RV adds “being ill-prepared for the task at hand,” so perhaps this means he doesn’t really know what to do to strengthen our relationship.

Knight of Wands: “inspires with enthusiasm and gift of language … clever … sense of humor.” I really think this is how my dad sees me.


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