Spread: Celtic Cross Spread

March 8, 2007 § Leave a comment

Here’s a really good description of the Celtic Cross spread. It also has three examples of how it’s used, following one story. The following is an excerpt from this website.

The Layout:
(card 2 is crossed over card 1)

Here is one approach to interpreting the Celtic Cross.

  1. Look at the six cards of the Circle/Cross section. They show what is going on in your life at the moment of the reading.
  2. Examine the cards in pairs, perhaps in the following order:
    * Look at Cards 1 and 2 to find out the central dynamic.
    * Look at Cards 3 and 5 to find out what is going on within you at different levels.
    * Look at Cards 4 and 6 to see how people and events are flowing through your life.
    From these six cards, create a description of your immediate situation.
  3. Consider the Staff section of the spread, perhaps in this order:
    * Look at Cards 7 and 8 to find out how more about the relationship between you and your environment.
    * Look at Card 10 – the projected outcome. How do you feel about it? What does it say to you?
  4. Review the cards to discover the factors leading to the outcome. See if one card stands out as key. Also:
    * Compare the projected outcome (Card 10) to a possible alternative outcome (Card 5).
    * Consider how the near future (Card 6) contributes to the projected outcome (Card 10).
    * See if Card 9 tells you something you need to know. Do you have a hope or fear that is relevant?

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