Reading for Self: Spread of the Day

March 15, 2007 § Leave a comment

Deck: Llewellyn Tarot
Date: 03/15/07 Thursday (waning moon)
Time: ended 11:24pm
Spread: Message for Tomorrow (spread of the day – three cards)
Querent: Self

13-Transformation-Ukemochi — 4 of Staves — 9-Contemplation-Chang O

(Death — 4W — Hermit)

The overall beauty of this spread, just to look at visually, is really fascinating. Transformation looks like morning, excitement, new starts; 4S looks like high noon, charged, grounded, successful; Contemplation looks like evening or night.

Basically I see this spread working on two levels. The first is that in the morning I will be able to make great strides in what I’m doing. At noon I’ll feel accomplishment. In the evening I’ll be more introspective and reflective.

But I also feel that they connect as one message: through transformation and contemplation, I will find success. Perhaps this is also a greater message about my senior thesis: my transforming my practice and reflecting on it, I will find success and grounding in my teaching (and wands certainly would represent my teaching, being both passionate and also career-based). If it is talking about my senior thesis practicum teaching, it certainly is offering a more positive and encouraging view than my previous spread of the day, which described my thesis as the Five of Swords, basically saying I’m dragging myself through this project that must be completed. (This is also a good comparison of the teaching part of my thesis versus the research part of my thesis.)

An interesting note: Death (here: Transformation) has come up again. In the previous reading about a friend visiting, Death came up but I was unable to interpret it, and now it’s come back again. I think maybe it’s repeating it because I didn’t get the message last time.

Another note: the last time I split the deck to shuffle, I caught a glimpse of the Contemplation card. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be funny if I got that card in my reading. But then I was like, no, it’d be at the bottom now, not the middle. But as I split the deck in three random locations to pick these three cards, I split it near the bottom for the third, and got the Contemplation card. It’s like mentally I was following it.


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