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October 30, 2007 § Leave a comment

Deck: Goddess Tarot
Date: 9/24/07 Monday
Time: evening
Spread: for each question/category: past/present/before upcoming travel plans/while traveling
Querent: K
Questions/Topics: 1) K & current romantic interest; 2) travel and its effect on social life & self; 3) career aspirations

1) Querent and Romantic Interest
traveling: 3 of Pents-RV / before travel:?? / present: Sun-RV / past: 6 of Wands
This is where my laziness around immediate notetaking (or lack thereof) really bit me in the ass. My card for “before traveling” timeline for querent’s current romantic interest (which was her major concern in this spread) was not noted, just a blank on my sketch of the spread. Damn.

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