Reading for K

October 30, 2007 § Leave a comment

Deck: Goddess Tarot
Date: 9/24/07 Monday
Time: evening
Spread: for each question/category: past/present/before upcoming travel plans/while traveling
Querent: K
Questions/Topics: 1) K & current romantic interest; 2) travel and its effect on social life & self; 3) career aspirations

1) Querent and Romantic Interest
traveling: 3 of Pents-RV / before travel:?? / present: Sun-RV / past: 6 of Wands
This is where my laziness around immediate notetaking (or lack thereof) really bit me in the ass. My card for “before traveling” timeline for querent’s current romantic interest (which was her major concern in this spread) was not noted, just a blank on my sketch of the spread. Damn.

3 of Pents-RV likely is pointing to querent focusing on her career once beginning to travel. 3P is all about honing one’s skills; though in a career-related position I’d interpret the RV to mean she needs to really work on her skills, I wonder if here it’s implying that there isn’t time, or even need or desire, for romantic interests. Though it’s great for career, being RV makes it a little lacking in the typical enthusiasm that I find in this card.

Sun-RV was tricky for me to guess. I guessed on a problem with the masculine role in the relationship, and the querent expanded on that, saying (from what I remember) that there was almost a role reversal in the relationship when it came to typical masculinity. Relatedly, the illustration in this deck has three female characters beneath a shining sun, meant to symbolize the three females that served and aided the male sun god. When reversed, the card has the three females on top and the sun beneath them.

6 of Wands is really hard for me to interpret in this position, now and during the reading. The best guess that I have is from the independent nature of the illustration: a lone female on a horse, perhaps in a parade, surrounded by staves. Knowing the querent and stretching this a bit, I could guess that this refers to the querent previously being a fairly independent person, pursuing his/her own individual interests.

2) Traveling and its effect on social life and self
traveling: 7 of Cups-RV / before travel: Lovers-RV / present: Fortune / past: 6 of Cups-RV

7 of Cups-RV shows a person imagining lots of different possibilities, but the RV nature means that having so many possibilities is hindering the querent, either because the querent is spending too much time daydreaming, or because future possibilities are almost TOO limitless. I don’t remember much from the querent about this card.

Lovers-RV implies that this is not really the optimal time for a partnership, or one is not likely to flourish. In this deck particularly, though, the Lovers card can also imply a relationship with oneself: either now’s the time to develop one’s self-awareness or something is blocking that sort of communication with oneself. Or, as a future prediction, that there will be relationships that may not be lasting, fruitful, etc.

Wheel of Fortune is always a positive little blessing, saying that everything is lining up for you as if it was planned by some benevolent higher power (whether or not one exists). This was coinciding with the querent passing a senior thesis review, something that was often a major struggle in the querent’s life, and the querent also has some pretty clear plans for traveling, socializing, and getting out of the life of academia (for which the querent is not well suited).

6 of Cups-RV is a difficult card to interpret here. It generally implies some connection to one’s home and upbringing, childhood friendships, etc. This was perplexing for both me and the querent, hence the next card.
Explanatory Card: Ace of Cups – I think this helped the querent at the time, at least a little, but I’m not sure what interpretation was discussed then.

3) Career
traveling: 4 of Wands / before travel: Knight of Cups-RV / present: 5 of Cups RV / past: Fool

4 of Wands is a card of stability, here implying that the period of travel will provide some stability in the querent’s life, especially regarding career (both from the question and the card’s suit).

If I were reading it out of a tarot book, the Knight of Cups-RV says that there will be a lovely young romantic interest who, in the end, will be too romantic and not sincere enough or, worded differently, too romantic to be lasting. (Oddly enough, at the time I’m writing this, the querent recently met someone and both have a connection, though this newer interest is not always clear about what s/he wants to do with this newfound connection. I definitely think this card is pointing to this situation, though it’s odd that this card should pop up under “career”. Maybe this is taking up time and energy during this point in time, so that the querent does not do much regarding career-related activities.)
Explanatory Card: 9 of Wands: I remember discussing how this card looks almost like a fence or a barrier — the querent feels separated from something or someone. Not sure how we interpreted this at the time.

5 of Cups-RV shows the scene of a person looking downwards in sadness, looking towards some overturned cups with some rightside-up cups full of water behind them. RV in the fives often means that whatever challenging event it’s talking about is nearly passed. I think this is pointing to the recent upheaval and turmoil surrounding the querent’s senior thesis passing (which in turn affects the querent’s ability to graduate).

The Fool is about being able to be naive, fresh, and new, and leap through life without fear (or awareness) of consequences. I think I will leave it up to the querent to say how this is relevant to career-related topics and events in his/her past.

OVERALL: I made one overall note, which I don’t think I saw as important at the time: all cups are reversed, and all wands are not. I think this is saying what a lot of the individual cards are: relationships in the near future will be challenging, while energy towards the querent’s career will be more fruitful — but I should be more reserved in this statement because of the 3 of Pents RV, which implies some struggle in perfecting one’s skill set, craft, etc.


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