Two One-Card Readings for K

April 7, 2008 § 4 Comments

Deck: Goddess Tarot (same one we used previous)
Querent: friend (K)
Reading was done by myself after she specified the topics and asked for two one-card readings. I emailed her the responses, hence the links.

Topic: plans to go to Korea, in general
Card: Tradition (Juno)/High Priest/Hierophant Reversed
I’m interpreting this as you’re going about plans because you should, because something tells you this is the right course, when it might not be. Tradition, following, or looking to authority for answers is not the best course of action.
Standard interpretation
Interpretation of reversed

Topic: K’s April
Card: King of Staves/Wands
Take initiative, make your own path of ambition and own it.
Standard Interpretation


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