Window/Door Spread

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Heard about this spread at the Livejournal Tarot Community, mentioned in the first comment:

There’s an interesting Tarot spread I heard of recently involving two cards. The first card is the Window — the window is what you need to learn from, see, or new thing the universe is trying to show you. The second card is the Door — that which you need to work through or get to, in order to get to what you saw out the Window.

Also, now the About Me page has information about how I got into Tarot and what decks I own and use.  Just FYI in case you’re interested.


Not every day can be empowering …

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A bit of humor from tarotjourney (not to totally trivialize her anger at a certain recent football game):

The Page of Cups asks you to show your emotions, be intimate, loving and intuitive. He is suggesting that you should feel free to express and enjoy your feelings. Oh yeah … well let me tell you something pal … my emotions right now is in the moody pissed off category.

Go ahead and read the full entry here, and you might want to add the blog to your RSS feed or something if you’re interested in Tarot, it’s a good one!

Spread: A Walk in the Woods

December 27, 2008 § 4 Comments

Found this on Musings on the Tarot, though it was first posted in the forums.  I thought it looked really fascinating, and I’d love to try it out sometime:

a Tarot spread by Pamela Adkins

(This is supposed to look like a winding path.)

1. Stepping out into the crisp Autumn air, you go for a walk in the woods. This is where you are starting from.

2. As you walk down this path, you hear a twig cracking in the brush. These are the fears you will encounter.

3. So you wrap your shawl tightly around you, and grasp it tightly as you quicken your pace. This is that which you will find comfort in.

4. Off in the distance you see a deer with it’s fawn crossing appearing in your path. This is what you don’t expect.

5. A wise owl swoops above your head and lands on a far up branch. This is what you will learn along this path.

6. As you reach the end of your journey, you ponder all that has happened and what has resulted. This is the outcome of your journey.

EDIT: I tried this out in December 2008, see the reading details here.

Activity: Using all of the Major Arcana

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Found on Mary Greer’s Blog:

Detailing a Job, Profession, Task or Field of Endeavor

There’s a truly enlightening process almost all serious tarotists discover at some point, though it’s rarely suggested as an exercise that anyone can do. Take any field of endeavor, say your job, for instance. Go through the Major Arcana one-by-one and identify where that energy functions in that particular profession.

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Reading for K: Next 9 months

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Time: Thurs, Dec 25, ended around 9:30pm EST
Deck: Tarot of the Magical Forest
Querent: K
Spread: designed for this reading

Topic: the next 9 months, both overall/general and also specifically with boyfriend


Overall (1=next 3 months, 3=following 3 months, 5=following 3 months/summer)
1. Wheel of Fortune
3. Five of Cups RV
5. Knight of Pentacles

The Wheel of Fortune suggests some exciting new things heading in, specifically ones that will seem very “lucky”, like Lady Fortune smiling upon the situation, and less because of one’s personal investment or effort in the matter.  This could point to a visit to the States (querent is living abroad) and to see her boyfriend, and that visit going really well, or any number of good things happening while living abroad, or a combination: overall, things are looking lucky.

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6 of Pentacles

December 24, 2008 § 1 Comment

6 of PentaclesThe card’s story
This fox has lived a comfortable life, born into wealth and influential social circles.  He thinks he is humble about his successes and wealth, and gives freely to those who are less fortunate with a smile and a light heart.  He doesn’t ever really see the suffering of the have-nots, however; he doesn’t really look too closely, nor does he try to do anything to change the situation of him having more than enough and others having too little.  The balance of power is tipped heavily, and he gives in a naive attempt to even things out.  Kindness does not mean lack of ignorance.

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