6 of Pentacles

December 24, 2008 § 1 Comment

6 of PentaclesThe card’s story
This fox has lived a comfortable life, born into wealth and influential social circles.  He thinks he is humble about his successes and wealth, and gives freely to those who are less fortunate with a smile and a light heart.  He doesn’t ever really see the suffering of the have-nots, however; he doesn’t really look too closely, nor does he try to do anything to change the situation of him having more than enough and others having too little.  The balance of power is tipped heavily, and he gives in a naive attempt to even things out.  Kindness does not mean lack of ignorance.

The card’s emotions/mood
The rich fox is gracious and generous, but also content; he enjoys things the way things are.  His expression is blank and ignorant.  The sufferers are grateful, but their suffering is unchanged.

The card’s imagery
The rich fox is surrounded in golden light and wealth.  He wears fine clothes and carries a scale, implying education and a desire for fairness and justice, which he attempts to create by giving to the poor (distribution of wealth).  He stands tall and proud.  He doesn’t make eye contact with the poor; he does not see their situation and probably doesn’t want to.  The poor foxes are cloaked in coal gray, their faces hidden from the limelight and their situation grim.  Their presence here is not to bring to light the suffering of others, but rather to make the rich fox look even greater by being generous.

The card’s potential meaning in readings
There is a source of generosity or charity in the mix: someone (a “have”) is giving something to another in need (a “have-not”).  This act may be beneficial, but its results are temporary because of the giver-receiver relationship of dependence dominating the situation.  It does little to solve the actual problem or do anything to prevent it from repeating.

Other interpretations point to the act of material wealth being given from one to another being a metaphor for knowledge, power, love, or anything that reflects this same relationship of dependency.

These topics are based on questions are Joan Bunning’s Learning the Tarot, which I’d recommend to any beginning or intermediate Tarot reader.

The card pictured is from my newest deck, the Tarot of the Magical Forest (Chinese/English edition) by the Taiwanese artist Leo Tang.



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  • […] I recently looked at the 6 of Pentacles for study. I think this represents where I’m getting my resources and money: from being a person of greater wealth than most around me (currently making a decent salary in a wealthier country, and I also will be making a very good salary by Chinese standards) to a person of greater status than most around me (an American, a teacher at a university, an English speaker).  I’m the “have” who will be surrounded by many “have-nots”, and while I’m working in a profession that gives them knowledge of Western culture (which is in a more powerful position in the world) and the skills of English (the language of power), even though it may not be solving the greater issue: there shouldn’t be the emulation of one culture and language above others.  However, that is how I will earn my living.  That is how I will feel important and valuable in the world. […]

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