Reading for K: Next 9 months

December 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

Time: Thurs, Dec 25, ended around 9:30pm EST
Deck: Tarot of the Magical Forest
Querent: K
Spread: designed for this reading

Topic: the next 9 months, both overall/general and also specifically with boyfriend


Overall (1=next 3 months, 3=following 3 months, 5=following 3 months/summer)
1. Wheel of Fortune
3. Five of Cups RV
5. Knight of Pentacles

The Wheel of Fortune suggests some exciting new things heading in, specifically ones that will seem very “lucky”, like Lady Fortune smiling upon the situation, and less because of one’s personal investment or effort in the matter.  This could point to a visit to the States (querent is living abroad) and to see her boyfriend, and that visit going really well, or any number of good things happening while living abroad, or a combination: overall, things are looking lucky.

The following three months point to the loneliness and isolation of grief.  K already has expressed that living abroad is lonely and isolating, so more months in the same situation/funk is not surprising.  The RV is promising though, indicating that this phase in K’s life is on the way out — very true according to plan, as these will be K’s last months living in this situation abroad.

The summer shows the Knight of Pentacles, either as a prominent figure, the querent’s attitude towards life herself, or the general feeling of the situation (I would assume one of the latter two).  The attitude of the Knight of Pentacles: plod through whatever circumstances are present with the determination of one’s beliefs/goals, and one’s attitude and beliefs are not really being affected by outside influences.  There are two parts to K’s summer, traveling and settling into a new city with boyfriend; K thinks it’s pointing more to the settling part.  Perhaps a grudging, things-are-inevitable attitude towards the transition?

Relationship w/ Boyfriend (2=next 3 months, 4=following 3 months, 6=following 3 months/summer)
2. Ace of Pentacles RV
4. 8 of Pentacles RV
6. Knight of Swords

The aces usually represent something new in one’s life that embodies that suit — it’s the suit putting its best foot forward.  Many people interpret the reverse as a delay of this “something new”.  The Ace of Pentacles suggests something material or tangible: health, wealth, family/home life, or the “getting down to business” side of work.  The delay is understandable, considering that K is traveling during some of this time, and then re-starting the same ol’ stuff while living abroad as she’s doing now.

The 8 of Pentacles reinforces this suit’s influence (as does the third pentacle of this reading, see Knight of Pentacles above).  The 8 of Pentacles is about getting into the thick of work.  The little fox on the card is quite industrious, hammering away at one of many pentacles.  It also shows experience: this is an experienced craftsperson at the latter part of the suit, not the newcomer: K will be returning to the same life/job after visiting the U.S., and will thus be experienced in her job.  It’s reversed though, so something’s blocking this energy.  Also, this is a card for K’s relationship with her boyfriend.  Whether this is talking about her work abroad getting in the way of the relationship, or about the hard work that needs to be put into a long-distance relationship, is unclear.

The summer shows the Knight of Swords — note that both of the “summer” timeline cards are knights!  Knights are the teenagers, plowing through whatever they’re doing with less grace, mastery, self-control, etc than, say, a King or Queen would.  The Knight of Swords indicates cutting through the crap (my favorite phrase for the swords, I must say).  For a relationship, especially one that’s been long-distance for a while, perhaps this is establishing the relationship on different terms, getting to the truth in relationship matters, etc.


The overall outlook is mixed: some good, some bad, but nothing overwhemlingly positive or negative.  Definitely some challenges though.  This reading’s main purpose is just to be an outlook over the next chunk of time in K’s life, but I think the cards are inherently full of subtle advice, and here I would say it’s in what’s not here rather than what’s here.  Namely two things: there are no wands, no internal spark or drive to be a creative, passionate individual doing what one was meant to do.  There’s a good deal of work and toil though.  Also, for a reading that’s half about one’s relationship, there’s only one Cups card representing, and that’s really pointing to overall feelings in life rather than the relationship.

Given these two things, I’d advise K to put forth some concerted effort to build these influences in one’s life — or, given the nature of these things, some effort to make room for them.  Make room for being inspired, feeding one’s soul, etc.  Make room for the softer, more romantic side of one’s relationship, the chemistry of a pair that (I think) every long term couple has to work to maintain (as unromantic as “maintenance” sounds).  These Pentacles are nice, but all work and no play … you get it.


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