Activity: Using all of the Major Arcana

December 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

Found on Mary Greer’s Blog:

Detailing a Job, Profession, Task or Field of Endeavor

There’s a truly enlightening process almost all serious tarotists discover at some point, though it’s rarely suggested as an exercise that anyone can do. Take any field of endeavor, say your job, for instance. Go through the Major Arcana one-by-one and identify where that energy functions in that particular profession.

For example, how do you, as a cook, act as the Magician? How is a carpenter a High Priestess? When does an accountant exhibit Empress qualities? When a teacher acts as the Star does he or she, perhaps, find practical exercises that demonstrate guiding, but abstract, principles? Or, perhaps, does a mother-as-Star inspire her children with ideals and the hope that they can live according to those ideals? There’s no single right or wrong answer—just what you perceive at the moment.

Give yourself only one minute to write down an example for each card. Skip over the cards for which no answer comes immediately. Then go back and write something for the cards you skipped, leaving the hardest for last. The whole exercise should take no more than 20 to 30 minutes. When completed you should have much more respect and understanding of the dynamics and potential of your work. The card for which it was most difficult to find an example may provide a breakthrough in understanding or help you view everything from a different perspective.

Alternatively, you can list something like twenty-two things you can do to promote yourself as a tarot reader. Or the twenty-two ingredients you need to consider in a project you are contemplating. What does each card suggest?



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