Little Miss J

April 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

The querent asked me to do a Tarot reading for her newborn baby, who I will refer to as Little Miss J in this entry. I found this spread through a Google search and adapted the shape of it just a bit to what made the most sense to me. Reading done the morning of Tuesday, April 26, 2011 with Shadowscapes Tarot.

The Spread:

The parents’ gifts to the child surround her spread (cards 1 and 2). She also receives a main source of support from the world around her (card 3), and will be aided by her own best strength (card 4). She will need to overcome her biggest challenge (5) in order to fulfill her life’s purpose.


The Reading:


1. Father’s Gift = Sun RV
Enlightenment, radiant confidence and joy, vitality, self-assured and acting with purpose. I interpret the “reversed” to mean that it will be a while until this gift will finally be realized. I also find it interesting that this is generally defined as a masculine card, and it comes from the father.

2. Mother’s Gift = Ace of Cups RV
Aces are often seen as a gift, and cups are feminine and “yin,” so this alone makes it seem quite fitting for this position! Ace of Cups is the gift, the first drop of potential for creativity and emotional stability/balance. Again, I interpret the “reversed” to mean that it will be a while until this gift will be finally realized — as in, the gift will be a long-term one, and will be more identifiable later in her life.


3. Source of Support = Ten of Cups
The full support of a lovingfamily: emotional needs met and creativity fostered.

4. Best Strength = Seven of Pentacles
Putting the time and effort to create something in the world, and being able to see and delight in the fruits of her labors. knowing when to keep working at something and when to harvest. May also indicate connection to nature or gardening, or a particularly grounded and down-to-earth personality.


5. Biggest Challenge = Ten of Swords RV
Overcoming misfortunes of life, ones that can’t really be helped or changed by her own actions. I think this is saying that her biggest challenges won’t be her own issues, but rather life circumstances. The 10’s mean that this is the end of a cycle (further emphasized because it’s reversed), which indicates that these periods of time are limited. By letting go and moving on, she’ll be just fine for the next chapter of her life.

6. Life’s Purpose = Queen of Pentacles RV
Generous, warm, embodying creative energy, secure in her material possessions and her position in life. The Pentacles also connect to mastery of a skill, particularly one that brings a product related to acquiring wealth, in addition to a connection with nature. (I also think this emphasizes her best strength, indicating that her strengths will directly aid her fulfilling her life’s purpose.) Once again, I interpret “reversed” to mean that it will be later in life when this will become more apparent and realized.


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