What’s Up, Myself? My current path, and the lessons therein

June 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today’s Spread: My Current Path
Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot (Major Arcana Only)
Querent: Self

The Fool / The Lovers / The Hermit (R)

0-The Fool: I’m taking a leap of faith, moving to a new area and finding a job after quitting my last job. My husband has just graduated from law school but is still without a job. We need health insurance, for my husband especially. I’m trying to not panic and to just go with the flow and have faith.

6-Lovers: My husband and I went through a tough few years; though the stress was not originating from our relationship, it certainly affected it. Both of us are feeling quite happy that these years are behind us. Even with an uncertain future, there has certainly been more of a glow between us: more affection, more warmth, and also a lot of time together (I’m home between teaching jobs, he’s home studying for the bar). Coming up in a few months: his family is throwing us a sort of wedding reception (because we eloped and didn’t have a formal wedding, and they want to throw a party for us to celebrate). The reception party is the first thing that popped into my head, actually.

9-The Hermit (R): I love the imagery of this card. It has all the peaceful reflective stillness of starlight, of retreating from the worries of everyday life and pondering loftier matters. That has certainly been a joy this first week since the school year ending: getting time to just sit and think, and read books on Daoism, Hinduism, and yoga (as a spiritual practice, not just the asanas most associated with yoga classes). I think the reversed is de-emphasizing it when compared to the importance of the other two, or making sure I don’t retreat too much, or making sure I am allowing myself this time without stressing too much over my life’s current uncertainties?


Job Searching

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Done today with Shadowscapes Tarot.

What is my path? Where am I going?
Knight of Wands RV / 3 of Cups / 9 of Pentacles RV

Knight of Wands RV: Possible delays, overconfidence (not quite ready for what you’re trying to do)

3 of Cups: Overflowing emotions, deep bonds between friends or family.

9 of Pentacles RV:  Lack of the discipline necessary to achieve what you are aiming for, choosing spontaneity over long-range goals.

Overall: Socially, this move will be great, full of familial support and bonding. However, professionally there are some setbacks, possibly due to a lack of discipline and/or overconfidence.

What about this upcoming job interview? (part time, likely full time after 1 year)
The Magician / 10 of Pentacles RV / 4 of Wands

Magician: Greater opportunities for greater creative power, the ability to transform.

10 of Pentacles RV: Sacrificing financial security for a new experience.

4 of Wands: Finding structure and stability; goals and dreams becoming tangible, being actualized.

Overall: Looks like a good opportunity for you personally, but takes away financial security, at least in the short term.

What are my chances of getting a full time high school position, which is currently my ideal?
Page of Wands / 2 of Wands / 10 of Pentacles RV

Page of Wands: Willingness to begin something, exciting news, something real out of fiery energy.

2 of Wands: Choice between security and adventure OR sending out ships and waiting for a return.

10 of Pentacles RV: Sacrificing financial security for a new experience.

Overall: Definitely possible, but there is some risk involved.

What advice do you have about this job search?
Queen of Wands / 3 of Wands RV / Wheel of Fortune

Queen of Wands: Be calm and confident, sometimes fierce.

3 of Wands RV: The end of adversity. The end of waiting?

Wheel of Fortune: As the wheel turns, life changes, and something new emerges. This card’s tradition assumes increased fortune and unexpected good luck.

Overall: This is probably my clearest answer today. It tells me how to conduct myself and indicates a promise of good fortune ahead.

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