Contemplating a move across the country

April 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Deck: Llewellyn Tarot

What wisdom do you have for my plans to get a job in [cross-country state] this coming school year?



The Star RV — Four of Pentacles RV — Two of Wands RV

On the surface I viewed this as a rather negative prognosis for my chances of making this work, but the rest of the reading went quite optimistically. I think I need to analyze the phrasing of the question. I didn’t ask for my chances, I asked for wisdom.

Star RV: Not listening to one’s inner voice, and allowing others to dictate your life.

Four of Pentacles RV: Fretting and worrying over details.

Two of Wands RV: Being ill-prepared for the task, avoiding responsibility, creative block.


What can I do to change this course of events?

I had interpreted the first question as an “all signs point to no” spread, hence the wording. However, I think the cards got the point.


Three of Pentacles — The Lovers — Queen of Wands

Three of Pentacles: Sure and steady progress; marketable skills, ideas, or talents that will lead to more than mere monetary reward

The Lovers: Partnership and attraction; high hopes and strong desires.

Queen of Wands: “An intelligent woman with a warm heart. She is admired for being self-made, having earned her standing in the world by way of her own hard work and talents. … A woman who stimulates and teaches. A person of intellectual influence. Politics and education. … She values accomplishment and leaving her mark on society.”


Brighid, dearest to many heart, tell me: what are your thoughts on this matter?



Page of Pentacles — The Universe RV — Eight of Wands RV — Three of Wands RV

Page of Pentacles: A promising proposal.

The Universe RV: Lost and disconnected from one’s core and spiritual center. Scattered and blocked energies.

Eight of Wands RV: Cost of being unprepared, choosing to let an opportunity die, fear that something will be too difficult to handle or a price is too high.

Three of Wands RV: Difficulty taking these first few steps. Need for calm discipline, research, and careful planning.

Will my husband resent me for this decision?


The Star: Grace and peace.

Page of Cups RV: Begrudging, neglect.

The Emperor: A strong leader. Conviction and self-sacrifice.

(The Star and the Emperor are how to counteract the begrudging Page of Cups RV.)

Felt the strong need to see the bottom card, nearly looked at it first:


Ah, the hanged man, we meet again. It is my cry for serenity.



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