Activity: Using all of the Major Arcana

December 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

Found on Mary Greer’s Blog:

Detailing a Job, Profession, Task or Field of Endeavor

There’s a truly enlightening process almost all serious tarotists discover at some point, though it’s rarely suggested as an exercise that anyone can do. Take any field of endeavor, say your job, for instance. Go through the Major Arcana one-by-one and identify where that energy functions in that particular profession.

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Tarot Poetry: Card in Nine Words

October 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

A game/activity from Musings on the Tarot with Arwen that also serves as a creative writing/poetry exercise:

I am setting myself a goal. I will study each of the Major Arcana and list nine words that can be associated with that card. Then I will craft a piece for the card and post it here. I predict that some of the poems will be banal, insipid and trite. I also predict that some will be more than that.

Spread: Three Card Motto

December 26, 2006 § Leave a comment

This idea came from The Aclectic Tarot forums. (The exact location is here.) Basically the reader should do a three-card spread, without any specific meanings for location of cards within the spread, and develop a little maxim that is useful for the querent at that time.

My Test Spread

Deck: Goddess Tarot
Date: 12/25/06 Monday
Time: noonish
Spread: Three Card Motto

3 of Pentacles RV — 8 of Pentacles RV — 4 of Pentacles

Motto: Talents must be developed (and advocated by a fair price) before they can earn money.

Commentary: 3P-RV really says it all, though the other two support it. In a reading, 3P-RV means that skills are still developing and must be further developed before they can be taken to market or used to earn money. 8P talks about having fair compensation for one’s work, and reversed in this context emphasizes that one must avoid settling for unfair compensation of their skills and talent. 4P shows the end goal: financial stability. Therefore the goal is not using talent and skills for luxury, but for breadwinning, earning for a comfortable and stable living.

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