A Sonnet for the Fool

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

This card and its description remind me of a poem (a sonnet in iambic pentameter) that I wrote way back in my senior year of high school:

I stand upon the rough edge of the peak,
The rock cuts into my bare feet, fragile.
Above, through lowly clouds, I wish to seek
A thing that, when I see, will make me smile.

The ocean roars, and now my trembling knees
Do threaten to undo themselves, and I
Will fall into the merciless, foul seas,
And that much further I’ll be from the sky.

But what will happen when I leap in faith?
Will wings of angels catch me ere I fall,
Or will the chains of earth be as a wraith
And curse me to a never-ending brawl?

I can’t resist the urge to leap, to try,
So powerfully I hear the call to fly.


6 of Pentacles

December 24, 2008 § 1 Comment

6 of PentaclesThe card’s story
This fox has lived a comfortable life, born into wealth and influential social circles.  He thinks he is humble about his successes and wealth, and gives freely to those who are less fortunate with a smile and a light heart.  He doesn’t ever really see the suffering of the have-nots, however; he doesn’t really look too closely, nor does he try to do anything to change the situation of him having more than enough and others having too little.  The balance of power is tipped heavily, and he gives in a naive attempt to even things out.  Kindness does not mean lack of ignorance.

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