Little Miss J

April 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

The querent asked me to do a Tarot reading for her newborn baby, who I will refer to as Little Miss J in this entry. I found this spread through a Google search and adapted the shape of it just a bit to what made the most sense to me. Reading done the morning of Tuesday, April 26, 2011 with Shadowscapes Tarot.

The Spread:

The parents’ gifts to the child surround her spread (cards 1 and 2). She also receives a main source of support from the world around her (card 3), and will be aided by her own best strength (card 4). She will need to overcome her biggest challenge (5) in order to fulfill her life’s purpose.


The Reading:

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Acorn to Oak spread

March 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

(Yes, I know, I’ve been gone forever. Actually, I’ve been blogging quite prolifically about my new life in China, but as I’ve been primarily working on adapting to a new home, new job, new language environment, and new culture, I haven’t had as much time to focus on my other blogs. I’ll try not to totally ignore this blog though, as I continue to be quite interested in the Tarot!)

This fabulous spread was shared by Sandy (ladygaladriel3) at the Tarot LiveJournal community. Can’t wait to try it out!


  1. Your Acorn: where you are now
  2. Soil: what resources you need to get started
  3. Sunshine: what you need to know to help it grow
  4. Water: what you need to do to nurture it along
  5. Knot: what unexpected delay you can plan for and maybe circumvent
  6. Trunk: what will help you be strong
  7. Your Oak: your goal
  8. Branches: benefits of your oak
  9. Leaves: unexpected gifts from your oak

Card 1 & 7 you consciously pick from your deck of cards. Choose a card for each which you feel represents your goal as you see it and where you feel you are now in your path to acheiving that goal. The rest of the cards are shuffled as usual and place down in the other positions of the spread. I found this to be a great spread for guidence on your path to a particular goal.

Zodiac Spread for 2009

January 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

Spread: Zodiac Spread (plus one card for 2009, see previous entry)
Deck: Tarot of the Magical Forest
Date: Thursday, January 1, 2009, 10:10pm

I first heard about the spread from Episode 37 of the Tarot Connection podcast.  Though familiar with astrological signs, I’m certainly no expert, so the associations with each house are based on the version from this episode.

1. Aries – Knight of Cups (clarification: Queen of Swords)
2. Taurus – 6 of Pentacles
3. Gemini – Hanged Man
4. Cancer – 3 of Pentacles RV
5. Leo – Death RV
6. Virgo – 5 of Swords RV
7. Libra – Magician
8. Scorpio – Emperor RV (clarification: 9 of Wands RV)
9. Sagittarius – Strength
10. Capricorn – Ace of Swords
11. Aquarius – (pulled 2 simultaneously by accident) 9 of Cups RV, 7 of Cups RV
12. Pisces – Ace of Pentacles

This is a long entry, because it basically looks at pretty much every different aspect of my life for 2009.  The details are mainly for my own reference.

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Card for 2009

January 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

Spread: one card (plus Zodiac Spread, see next entry)
Deck: Magical Forest
Date: Thursday, January 1, 2009, 10:10pm

I pulled a Tarot card for 2009, which was the 8 of Wands/Staves.  An excerpt from my favorite Tarot website:

Before acting, we think, imagine, speculate, talk and dream. This is the realm of air – the sky. Then, finally, we decide to make our move. We bring our ideas down to earth and put them into action.

In readings, the Eight of Wands is often a sign that now is the time to declare yourself. All the elements are ready and will work for you as long as you don’t hesitate. The iron is hot – so strike! If events are in motion, they will proceed rapidly. You may feel caught in a whirlwind, but soon the dust will settle, and you see how your plans have fared.

I found this quite suitable, as I’ve been planning to go to China to teach English for a few years, and now suddenly it’s only a month away.

Actually, I initially interpreted this card quite differently.  This card is a beautiful golden landscape in the background, with a small patch of trees, rolling hills, and distant castle, but in the foreground are 8 staves or wands, striking from the top left to bottom right of the card.  I interpreted this to mean that there would be lots of obstacles in the near future, but they lead to some wonderful things in the more distant future.  There’s also a lot of drive or fire behind my actions for this year.

This is not the first time I interpret a card totally differently from its typical meaning, but I find I’m not really bothered by it.  I don’t think there’s only one right answer to most things, not only because of different perspectives, but also because life is a little more complex than one cut and dry answer.  This is one of my favorite things about Tarot cards: so many possibilities in every card!

(I also wrote about this reading on my main blog, though not in as much detail.)

Window/Door Spread

December 31, 2008 § Leave a comment

Heard about this spread at the Livejournal Tarot Community, mentioned in the first comment:

There’s an interesting Tarot spread I heard of recently involving two cards. The first card is the Window — the window is what you need to learn from, see, or new thing the universe is trying to show you. The second card is the Door — that which you need to work through or get to, in order to get to what you saw out the Window.

Also, now the About Me page has information about how I got into Tarot and what decks I own and use.  Just FYI in case you’re interested.

Spread: A Walk in the Woods

December 27, 2008 § 4 Comments

Found this on Musings on the Tarot, though it was first posted in the forums.  I thought it looked really fascinating, and I’d love to try it out sometime:

a Tarot spread by Pamela Adkins

(This is supposed to look like a winding path.)

1. Stepping out into the crisp Autumn air, you go for a walk in the woods. This is where you are starting from.

2. As you walk down this path, you hear a twig cracking in the brush. These are the fears you will encounter.

3. So you wrap your shawl tightly around you, and grasp it tightly as you quicken your pace. This is that which you will find comfort in.

4. Off in the distance you see a deer with it’s fawn crossing appearing in your path. This is what you don’t expect.

5. A wise owl swoops above your head and lands on a far up branch. This is what you will learn along this path.

6. As you reach the end of your journey, you ponder all that has happened and what has resulted. This is the outcome of your journey.

EDIT: I tried this out in December 2008, see the reading details here.

The Knight of Swords, and Anti-Racism Protestors

October 30, 2008 § 4 Comments

(Originally written March 31, 2008, for a previous blog.)

Some days I draw a random tarot card, with no question in mind but a thought to reflect on. Today I drew the Knight of Swords, and it was easy to see what it was pointing to: the recent “actively anti-racist” movement/protests on campus.

I might not always be so affected by students’ activist activities on campus. After all, I’m no longer a student here, and it’s amazing how little of the student beat I hear about. However, these students are effective at being heard — quite literally. One would have to be deaf to not hear the banging of pots and pans and plastic pails and rhythmic yet muddled protest chanting. Though they for the most part came from one area of the campus, we could hear them very clearly in our office halfway across campus, doors and windows shut, as if they were right next door.

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