Reading for Self: Going to China

February 5, 2008 § Leave a comment

Deck: Llewellyn Tarot
Date: 2/4/08 Tuesday
Time: started 11pm
Spread: question string
Querent: self

Q: 3 cards about my plan to teach in China this year (vs. next year):
9 of Swords / King of Swords / 2 of Cups RV

I was really taken aback by this spread. I expected to see something mixed, or to see some distinct advantages over going sooner, but this paints a very grim picture of things. The 9 of Swords points to mourning, probably grief over being separated from B; the 2 of Cups RV builds on that, pointing to trouble between B and I, most likely due to the stress of a long distance relationship. The King of Swords reminds me of B at his coldest. He is always a sword person, cutting through the crap and seeing what is there, and saying bluntly what is there too. I think this definitely points to my year revolving around my relationship with B and troubles that might arise. (Note: King of Swords also came up in a spread about whether or not I would get a job last summer.)

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