Contemplating a move across the country

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Deck: Llewellyn Tarot

What wisdom do you have for my plans to get a job in [cross-country state] this coming school year?



The Star RV — Four of Pentacles RV — Two of Wands RV

On the surface I viewed this as a rather negative prognosis for my chances of making this work, but the rest of the reading went quite optimistically. I think I need to analyze the phrasing of the question. I didn’t ask for my chances, I asked for wisdom.

Star RV: Not listening to one’s inner voice, and allowing others to dictate your life.

Four of Pentacles RV: Fretting and worrying over details.

Two of Wands RV: Being ill-prepared for the task, avoiding responsibility, creative block.


What can I do to change this course of events?

I had interpreted the first question as an “all signs point to no” spread, hence the wording. However, I think the cards got the point.


Three of Pentacles — The Lovers — Queen of Wands

Three of Pentacles: Sure and steady progress; marketable skills, ideas, or talents that will lead to more than mere monetary reward

The Lovers: Partnership and attraction; high hopes and strong desires.

Queen of Wands: “An intelligent woman with a warm heart. She is admired for being self-made, having earned her standing in the world by way of her own hard work and talents. … A woman who stimulates and teaches. A person of intellectual influence. Politics and education. … She values accomplishment and leaving her mark on society.”


Brighid, dearest to many heart, tell me: what are your thoughts on this matter?



Page of Pentacles — The Universe RV — Eight of Wands RV — Three of Wands RV

Page of Pentacles: A promising proposal.

The Universe RV: Lost and disconnected from one’s core and spiritual center. Scattered and blocked energies.

Eight of Wands RV: Cost of being unprepared, choosing to let an opportunity die, fear that something will be too difficult to handle or a price is too high.

Three of Wands RV: Difficulty taking these first few steps. Need for calm discipline, research, and careful planning.

Will my husband resent me for this decision?


The Star: Grace and peace.

Page of Cups RV: Begrudging, neglect.

The Emperor: A strong leader. Conviction and self-sacrifice.

(The Star and the Emperor are how to counteract the begrudging Page of Cups RV.)

Felt the strong need to see the bottom card, nearly looked at it first:


Ah, the hanged man, we meet again. It is my cry for serenity.



Reading for Self: Going to China

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Deck: Llewellyn Tarot
Date: 2/4/08 Tuesday
Time: started 11pm
Spread: question string
Querent: self

Q: 3 cards about my plan to teach in China this year (vs. next year):
9 of Swords / King of Swords / 2 of Cups RV

I was really taken aback by this spread. I expected to see something mixed, or to see some distinct advantages over going sooner, but this paints a very grim picture of things. The 9 of Swords points to mourning, probably grief over being separated from B; the 2 of Cups RV builds on that, pointing to trouble between B and I, most likely due to the stress of a long distance relationship. The King of Swords reminds me of B at his coldest. He is always a sword person, cutting through the crap and seeing what is there, and saying bluntly what is there too. I think this definitely points to my year revolving around my relationship with B and troubles that might arise. (Note: King of Swords also came up in a spread about whether or not I would get a job last summer.)

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Me: So I didn’t get the job. What happens now?

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Deck: Llewellyn Tarot
Date: 06/13/07 Wednesday
Time: ended 11:30pm
Spread: 1 question, 3 cards
Querent: Self
Question: So I didn’t get the job. What happens now?

Wheel of Fortune — 9 of Cups RV — Hanged Man

The Wheel and the Hanged Man are very fitting/promising. There’s definitely some good luck on the way. 9 of Cups RV was more tricky; I did a card journey and got the answer, “Soon things will be great, but it’s not quite time yet.”

I have this really strong feeling that I’m supposed to be doing the job I applied for, and yet I didn’t get it, so it’s a little confusing, especially because last night’s entry seemed to imply that I would get the job. I have a suspicion that someone could back out and then I’d get it, but I don’t know if that’s just wishful thinking, or me trying to adapt.

Me: Getting this job

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Deck: Llewellyn Tarot
Date: 06/12/07 Tuesday
Time: ended 9:05pm
Spread: (on-the-spot) Two Paths
Querent: Self

Spread: Two Paths
This spread was created on-the-spot while shuffling the deck and figuring out which spread would work best for this query.

1, 2, and 3 describe the first situation. 4, 5, and 6 describe the alternative situation. 7 represents the root of the situation, an important factor in the outcome.

If I get the job: Emperor (Bran), 9 of Wands RV, Page of Pents
If I don’t get the job: 3 of Swords, 9 of Pents RV, Ace of Swords
Root of situation: King of Swords

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Me: Cards for today

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Deck: Llewellyn Tarot
Date: 03/22/07 Thursday (waxing moon)
Time: ended 9:34pm
Spread: Message for Today
Querent: Self

What’s the most important message for today?
King of Cups RV
Not sure what this means. Maybe don’t let emotional/relationship pursuits drive you? Don’t get caught up in thinking about relationships?

Can you clarify?
3 of Wands RV
You won’t be successful in your work (thesis work) if you focus on your emotions like that.

Okay, so what can I do to change it?
10 of Swords RV
Rise above the challenge, like this character is rising above the many swords (when reversed). Realize that you can pull yourself out of your situation with force of will and not giving up.

Spread: Red Dragon (Llewellyn Tarot)

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(This spread came with the Llewellyn Tarot.)

(It’s supposed to be the shape of a curved dragon.)

  1. The Dream: your heart’s desire
  2. Your Companions: the assistance you will receive
  3. The Journey: unfamiliar places you must go to realize the dream
  4. Magical Gifts: new skills required for success
  5. The Enchantment: hidden obstacles along the path
  6. The Dragon: what you must befriend, sacrifice, or defeat ((or defend))
  7. The Awakening: the final outcome of your efforts

Spread: Llew’s Spread (Llewellyn Tarot)

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(This comes from the Llewellyn Tarot, but I think it needs some adapting, even though it’s a good start.)


  1. Sun: Always place the sun card in the center. This card brings the hidden aspects of the situation to light.
  2. Dawn: Represents the situation that is manifesting.
  3. Noon: Represents the issues that cannot be ignored.
  4. Dusk: Represents the help you will receive.
  5. Midnight: Represents the resolution of the situation.

If anything, my first instinct is to reverse the meaning of the second two places. Midnight seems more like help, or perhaps in that position it could be an issue that is being ignored or that is not being seen (in contrast to the obvious noon-position issue), whereas Dusk seems more like the resolution part.

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